Skull Goblets

  • New and old come together

    My skull goblets are a mixture of newly cast resin skulls and often vintage upcycled lead free pewter cups and stands. The cups are not removable, they have been sealed in with food safe silicone.

  • Standard Skull Goblet with shiny fluted base

    Fluted Shiny Pewter

  • Weathered Skull Goblet with patinaed base

    Rounded Patina

  • Skull Goblet with patinaed fluted base

    Fluted Patina

  • Similar in runs but still one of a kind

     Variations of paint color, pewter patinas, and hand fittings make each goblet unique. Custom requests (or my own desires) have lead the way to crackled paint finishes, extra skull dent/dings/cracks, increases in "charring" and aging, and even to the realm of vampiric cups.

  • Black Skull Goblet with shiny base

    Black Skull

  • Half burnt Skull Goblet with patinaed base

    Half Burnt

  • Crackled black and gold Skull Goblet on shiny fluted base

    Crackled Burnt Gold

  • Availablility

    My skull goblets are done as small production runs, usually 2 to 8 at a time. Many stages must be completed outside due to ventilation requirements so production is highly dependant on the weather matching my crafting times.  I live north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA and the memes about the weather are pretty accurate. (Entering spring which means The Pollening. There is pollen EVERYWHERE and spraypainting is risky.)


     The only website I sell my skull goblets through is Etsy. If you have seen my images selling on any other site they are likely a scam page.

  • Hammered metallic Skull Goblet on patinaed fluted base

    Hammered Metallic

  • Skull Goblet with Extra Cracked Damage

    Extra Damage

  • Black Vampire Skull Goblet with patinaed base

    Vampiric Black