Donut Pincushions

Mmm doughnuts....

A super sweet gift for any seamstress ! These cute plush doughnuts are great for holding otherwise stray pins and needles. Each doughnut comes in its own personal pastry box and has 15 coordinating long ball pins. They are made with laser cut fleece, are hand sewn with embroidery floss, and are stuffed with either poly-fil stuffing (for a light soft donut) or crushed walnut shells (for a heavier weighted cushion). They also make a fun toy when all the pins are removed. :-)

The doughnuts measure about 9.5 cm (3.75") across and 3 cm (1.2") tall.

Folding Snap Trays/ Dice Trays


Keep it all contained.

These fabric snap trays are great for short term storage of small items (glasses, keys, earrings, coins, and more) or for use as dice trays.

*Easy to snap for use
*Lays flat for storage and travel

Available in:   Eyeglass: 9"x 6" flat, 6"x 3.5"x 1.5" in use
                    Square: 9"x 9" flat, 6"x 6"x 1.5" in use

Gnome Shelf Sitters

Lucky guardians of home and hearth.

A gnome for all seasons! Each gnome is stuffed with poly-fil as well as 2 oz of Poly Beads to give it a nice weight and keep from tipping over. Heights are approximately 8.5-9" tall . Dimensions and final look can vary slightly due to their hand made nature.

Sock Kitties


Soft and cuddly, these sock kitties are the purrfect present. Sock kitties are great at work (they stay in place and won't crawl onto your keyboard) or at home (no allergies with these sweeties!). This kitty is approximately 9.5 inches long and 4 inches high. Each kitty has a grossgrain ribbon collar with a jingle bell. Their eyes are black plastic safety eyes and they have hand stitched noses.

Upcycled Aprons

Newly purposed with style.

Thrifty fun and functional fashion! These carefully selected mens dress shirts have been given a new purpose with a little creative hemming to become dressy aprons. Long ties mean they can fit a variety of body sizes and for some people they can also be tied in the front. Deep lower front pockets let you tuck away essentials like phones and notebooks, making them great for the kitchen, craft room, or even at work. Their upcycled background makes them one of a kind!

Koreena's Creations is a small hobby venture of hand crafted items made by Katrina C. in Marietta, GA. Her sometimes eclectic collection of items for sale is a result of a desire to test her abilities in a range of categories and a general desire to make craft things that interest her.