Fashion Jewelry

  • Flower Mandala Earrings

    A pop of zen. Made with 1/8" maple ply wood and embelished with miracle or cats eye beads these hand painted flower mandala earrings are eye catching!

  • Pastel Wood Flower Mandala earrings

    Spring Pastels

  • Patriotic colors Wood Flower Mandala earrings


  • Blue and natural maple Wood Flower Mandala earrings

    Natural Blues

  • Fabric Inlay Earrings

    Framed fabric art. So many fabrics out there jsut waiting to be showcased! Keeping with the large and lightweight trend my fabric inlay earrings are made with laser engraved and cut cherry or walnut ply wood and feature some of my favorite fabric patterns that I have come across.

  • Cute Eeek fabric mice pattern Wood earrings

    Eek mice

  • Bees on green background fabric Wood earrings

    Cute Bees

  • Spiders and skulls fabric pattern Wood earrings

    Spiders and Skulls

  • Dice Necklaces

    Drilled d8 through d20 dice are the main focus of these necklaces. Changes of length can be made through custom requests.

  • Blue dice necklace

    Blue Dice necklace

  • Red d20 necklace

    Red D20 Necklace

  • Pink and purple dice necklace

    Pink and purple d20 necklace

  • Beaded Braided Necklaces

    Braided strands of seed beads are the basis of these statement necklaces.  Choices range between solid colors or interspersed with coordiating beads and/or charms.

  • Oil Spill beaded braided necklace

    "Oil SPill"

  • Dark teal beaded braided necklace

    Dark Teal

  • Treasures of the sea necklace

    Treasures of the sea

  • Engraved Wood

    From small demon cat studs to musical instruments to life affirming mantras, there is a range of laser engraved wearable art in my shop. If I think it is pretty and I have fun making it then I want to share!

  • Cute demon cat with glasses stud earrings

    Demon Cat Studs

  • Maple ply wood guitar dangle earrings

    Guitar Earrings

  • Wood and handmade clay bead inspiration necklaces

    Mantra Pendants

  • Engraved Acrylic

    I see (through) you! Most often I use transparent or two tone acrylic for my acrylic engraved earrings. The light green tone sheets mimic old glass!  I usually use 1/16" or 1/8" thick acrylic for my pieces.

  • Green glass acrylic engraved earrings

    "Green Glass" Earrings

  • Clear acrylic spooky cat engraved earrings

    Skeleton Cats

  • Rose gold Catmander acrylic earrings

    Catmander Earrings

  • Acrylic Shapes

    Recognizable by their silhouettes, brought to form in a variety of solid and patterned cast acrylic sheets.  Shades and sparkles, shimmers and glows, there are so many varieties to craft with!  I have a variety of treble clef earrings in different patterns as well as a line of laser cut music clef ornaments (treble, bass, and alto) ready to ship.

  • Galaxy print acrylic treble clef earrings

    Treble Clefs

  • Tortise shell acrylic laser cut leaf earrings


  • Red acrylic 8-bit heart earrings

    8-bit Hearts