Craft making is my hobby. I like making pretty and cute things. I am happy that people want me to make them things too but please understand I am ONE person doing this in my free time. I am not making tons of items and buckets of money. I ask what I feel is fair compensation for my time, reimbursement for materials and overhead, and to pay taxes and fees too. With that said:

Can I have the pattern for ___ ?

No. My patterns are not for sale.

Can I have (insert item) by (insert time)?

That depends. If the commission list is already closed: No, I am not taking any more requests and I will not add you to the list ahead of people who have been waiting. If the list is open: I will see what I can do. I need a MINIMUM of ONE MONTH time window, often more if it needs to be shipped internationally. Do not ask for it in 10 days if it takes 3-4 weeks for international shipping to even arrive.

Why are your prices higher than (insert any retailer)?

My plushies are hand crafted soft sculptures and are one of a kind works of art, not mass produced factory items. I do not have the huge price breaks factories get when buying dozens of bolts of fabric and I believe my time and effort is worth minimum wage at the very least. The more complex the plushie and the more expensive the materials used, the higher the price will be.

Is it kid safe?

All my craft items are NOT intended for children. I can not watch your kids and make sure they do not gnaw off eyes or beads. (Yes, I do let my own kids play with/wear items I make but that is MY choice as a parent.)

Can you copy (insert item) that I saw for sale elsewhere?

No. I am not directly copying someone else's product. If someone else already made it please support that artist and buy from them.

Can you turn my original idea into a plush or a figurine?

Yes, I would probably love to give that a shot. There are some ideas I have no interest in doing but if it is a cute friendly family safe idea I will probably like it.

Can I pay after it is completed?

I humbly request full payment of commissions at the start although arrangements can be made for 50% before/ 50% after if needed. Plushies will not be shipped before full payment of price and shipping cost.

I changed my mind, I want my money back.

Please be certain that you want the plushie as payments are not refundable. It is not fair to me to have me spend hours working on a creation for you and then back out.

Is shipping included in the price?

No, shipping charges are separate. Please include your postal code so I can give estimated shipping charges. Nominal handling charges may be added if special packaging is required.

Do you ship international?

Yes, I will ship international BUT I am not responsible for anything that happens to it once it is in the post office's clutches. International shipping can take a long time unless you pay the king's ransom price for Express Shipping.

What about customs/duty fees?

Customs/duty fees/VAT/etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.I do mark packages for their actual value and as retail to cover my own legalities.

Why do I have to pay taxes?

I live in Georgia which requires I collect sales tax for any in state sales. Yay, paperwork.

What payments do you accept?

I accept PayPal (unless you are local, and then face-to-face cash is accepted too) but Etsy allows major credit cards now.

How long will it take to make my item?

Time depends on how many commissions are ahead of you in line and the complexity of your project. Sometimes situations arise in my household that put a halt to any crafting which can unexpectedly raise waiting times. I will let you know when I have started on your project and give updates as needed.

How much will it cost?

Prices can vary due to complexity and materials used but examples are:
    Dragon figures $25 USD
    Spotted creature calves $55 USD (around 11 inches tall. Additional cost for outfits/decorations)
    Large creatures $90 USD for basic, prices increase depending on the outfit.

Why don't you just have a solid price listed on each dA piece?

I have the problem of undervaluing my work and so I prefer people offer me what they feel is fair for my creations and we can negotiate a happy medium.

Why isn't ___ in your Etsy shop anymore?

The item may have been sold already or the listing aged out and I did not renew it. (Etsy charges 20 cents to list an item, which lasts 4 months. There is a limit to how much I will renew listings. ) If you see an item on my dA page or website and it isnt in my shop but want to buy one please message me for a custom listing.

Ok, I am sure I want one. How do I get one?

You can make a request through my Etsy shop or you can fill out the form on the Commissions page with:
    _ Name and email address in appropriate spots.
    _  What kind of item you want commissioned. Include links to reference pages if it is not something I have already created.
     _ Size desired if a new plush, any preferred materials.
     _ Bribes are welcome here. ;-)  Items I have done often I can give a general price quote for but if it is something special and new I love to get offers. 
    _ Time you would like this created by.

If you feel a custom plush is worth more to you than my quote it would be a real boost to my ego if you offered and paid a higher price. And it helps fund me to make more " just for the heck of it" creations.

Oh wow! I really love my plushie and now I'm thinking its worth more than what I paid!

You can tip afterwards if you really really want to. I'm not going to say no. ;-)