Fan Art and Commissions

  • Fan Art and More

    Much of the Fan Art I have created has been for the GW/GW2 community. I have done plushies, jewlery, ornaments and decorations. I do not sell my patterns but will often to be happy to do a custom creation.


    I have also done requests for items from other fandoms or for local organizations. One of my yearly favorites is my laser cut and engraved ornaments for my local HOA's Halloween pumpkin and costume contests.

  • Custom request purple quaggan

    Custom Quaggan

  • Sample customized Commander brooch

    Customized Brooch

  • Rose gold Catmander earrings

    Catmander earrings

  • Variety of GW2 professions ornaments

    Tango Ornaments

  • Fleece quaggan with candy cane stockings

    Wintersday Stockings

  • Custom request fleece quaggan seaweed doll

    Seaweed Doll

  • Art Intentions

    I enjoy opportunities to work on fan art where the creators have an open policy (or at least a very generous passing when making products that are too niche to make themselves) for creations. There is something special about personalized one of a kind items. Please note I will not reproduce another artists creation to under cut them. Support them if their creations are available for purchase, they have put in the time and effort to work out their designs. Being able to take someones small original idea and give that physical representation is even better than doing fan art. :-)

  • Wood tango icon stud earrings

    Tango icon earrings

  • Fleece necromancer stocking

    Necro Stocking

  • Polymer clay skritt statue

    Skritt Statue

  • Commission Request

    Commission work can be requested by emailing me at  or through the Etsy messaging service. Please include the following information:

    * A quick description of the project you are commissioning including size requested.

    * Any reference photos you may have.

    * Time frame needed by.

    * Postal code for estimated shipping quote.


    I will get back to you with my availablity and a price quote. Large lead times are always appreciated for deadline sensative requests as I have no control over the USPS once it is handed over for delivery.

  • Custom request fleece robot plush


  • Wood contest medals for Halloween contests

    Pumpkin Contest Medals

  • Wood new home ornament

    New Home Ornament

  • Orange and blue dragon with books figurine

    Dragon Figurine

  • Custom request Tibbers plush

    Tibbers Plush