Step 1: Decide on your item

If you want a baby quaggan, a Sleepy Dragon, or a custom plush of other design you are in the right place!   If it is a creation I have done before just let me know the item name (or send a link to the project).  If it is a custom new item please have a couple reference pictures available.  Be sure to include what size you are looking for.


Step 2: Decide on your your fabrics/colours

For quaggans and sleepy dragons please choose for 1) main body 2) Tummy/bottom of feet and 3) Spots (quaggans) or Wings/Spine (dragons)


Ultra cuddle fabrics

Below are fabric swatches of the ultra cuddle fabric (the ones used for bodies of quaggans and dragons) currently available.  JAN 2019 NOTE:  THIS LINE OF FABRIC HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. I will continue to make plushies with what I have left in stock but, sadly  when it is gone it is gone. 

Please note: Exact colors may vary from in person due to monitor calibrations.
  • Blush


  • Orange


  • Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Light Purple


  • Ivory


  • Pink


  • Yellow


  • Bright Blue

    Bright Blue

  • Purple

    Dark Purple

  • Tan


  • Fuschia


  • Green


  • Med Blue

    Medium Blue

  • Light Grey

    Light Grey

  • Brown


  • Red


  • White


  • Navy


  • Dark Grey

    Dark Grey

  • Black


Blizzard Fleece

I am able to find a much larger variety of fleece colors so please just name what you are hoping for and I will see what I can match. Availablility is dependant on what I have in my craft room or what local stores have.

Special Order Fabrics

Sometimes the perfect fabric can be found online. Special orders will require longer proccessing time and possible extra charges due to shipping.




Step 3: Submit your request

Please make sure to fill in all form lines. Thank you!




Step 4: Quote, Build, and Ship

Within 48 hours I will email you back to clarify points about your request, give a price quote when I have enough details, and estimate a time for project completion. When everything is agreed upon I will create a listing and begin work on the project once payment is received. Photographs of the completed work will be sent for final approval before shipping.

Please note project completion times may change due to circumstances such as ordering materials and waiting for delivery, health issues,  or due to family obligations.  I will send updates for projects that take an extended time or when there has been wait before I can begin your project and am now able to start.



~Koreena's Creations